Kian Hoe Seah

  • Current company Heng Hiap Industries Sdn Bhd
  • Location Malaysia
  • Industry CleanTech & Infrastructure

In the face of increasing waste accumulation and diminishing natural resources, Heng Hiap Industries (HHI) meets two needs with one deed by converting plastic scraps into reusable energy and industrial material. As Malaysia’s pioneering integrated recycling plant, HHI manufactures and customizes superior plastic resins for use in a variety of finished products. The company sells these “smart plastics” to some of the world’s largest agricultural, automotive and electronic equipment manufacturers, including LG and Toshiba. While consumer electronics and home appliances will continue to drive the mechanical recycling business, HHI is also innovating within thermal recycling and energy recovery with the development of plastic coal substitutes and biodiesels. With exports in 22 countries across nearly 10 industries, the company is proving that recycling plastics can be “green,” both ecologically and economically.

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