Khalid Alkhudair

  • Current company GLOWORK
  • Location Saudi Arabia
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

For women, the Saudi job market is one of the toughest in the world. Legislative restrictions coupled with social constraints around sharing personal information, engender a workforce employing only half of the country’s brainpower. Glowork is dedicated to creating equal opportunities for women by bridging the gap between employers and female jobseekers.

Founder Khalid Alkhudair was born in Iraq, but was raised between Canada and the UK. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree at Saint Mary’s University. A few years later, Khalid was galvanized by his sister’s struggle to find a job. The next year, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Labor enacted laws that mandated employers to hire more women. This created the perfect storm for a women’s hiring movement. Khalid seized the opportunity and started Glowork.

Glowork connects employers with female employees in Saudi Arabia, with the ultimate goal of shifting mindsets around gender in Saudi Arabia. It was awarded the “Best Global Innovation” award for job creation by the UN and World Bank in recognition of this platform.
As the first women’s recruitment agency in the Middle East, Glowork has established a brand through its relationships with employers and governments. In 2013, Glowork was partially acquired by SAS Holdings for US$16 million. As silent investors, Glowork will serve as their in-house recruiting agency while using the influx of capital to develop a global brand for women’s empowerment.

In the wake of Glowork’s recent partial acquisition, Endeavor can help the company craft an expansion strategy congruous with Khalid’s global, multi-sectoral ambitions.

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