Kevin Osmond

  • Current company Printerous
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Retail

For Indonesians, printing is big business, but it’s also tediously inefficient. Within a $14.5B market, customers spend an average of four hours waiting at a print shop for a single print job – not counting the time spent in traffic to get to and from the shop. Printerous offers Indonesians – individuals and businesses alike – a centralized, online printing platform through which they can submit any and all printing requests for commercial, merchandise, packaging, and photo printing needs. The platform distributes jobs to an existing network of 200+ Printing Service Providers (PSPs) based on their availability, specialty, etc., offering them an easy-to-use back-end dashboard to accept and track all inbound requests. The Printerous platform offers customers transparent pricing, expected turnaround times, and at-home delivery while it allows local print shops to put historically underutilized machines into use.

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