Karen Koifman

  • Current company Foodlosofy
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Food & Beverage

After a 20-year career as a landscaper, Karen, together with her husband Nic, founded SuperDelicious in 2011, a “fast & good” food chain where she serves as general manager.

During her various visits to England, Karen and Nic noted that delicious, high quality and healthy products, ready to serve or for take out, were lacking in Chile.
They then created a line of fresh, innovative, original and healthy gourmet meals to serve the country.
Today, SuperDelicious has a chain of 10 locations located in premium neighborhoods across Santiago and is recognized by its customers for having a warm team that provides excellent service and attention.
Karen is an excellent cook, full time mom of 2 children, and enjoys spending time with her family and nature.

She is an Endeavor Entrepreneur since May of 2018.

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