Kamal Reggad

  • Current company Menaclick
  • Location Morocco
  • Industry Consumer Services

Menaclick is empowering offline businesses by connecting them with million of potential customers. The ecommerce holding company composed of three award-winning sites: Hmizate.ma, a portal for daily deals with an emphasis on travel, Hmall.ma, an online B2C marketplace, and Vayago.com, a global hotel booking engine.

Menaclick founder and CEO Kamal Reggad moved from Morocco to attend university in the United States, where he hoped to develop the skills to start his own company. After graduating from Northeastern University, he worked on honing his technical expertise, while starting an online ad network with a friend in Morocco. The venture was unsuccessful, and he realized it was because people were simply not buying things online.

In 2011, Kamal founded Hmizate.ma, a website that merged online and offline shopping through coupons, redeemable in person, for deals on products and services. By 2013, Hmizate has won every major local ecommerce award for four consecutive years and carved out 65% market share. He capitalized on Hmizate’s success, and launched several other websites. Menaclick’s sites enable consumers to find a wide range of quality goods and services at affordable prices online. By prioritizing customer experiences, Menaclick engenders brand loyalty and distinguishes itself in a country where customer satisfaction is often neglected.

Kamal helps Morocco click on all cylinders. He believes Morocco can become a thriving hub for both entrepreneurship and ecommerce when a major success story changes local perfection.

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