Kaan Karamancı

  • Current company Gram Games
  • Location Turkey
  • Industry Retail & Consumer Tech

Gram Games produces original, free-to-play, mobile games that are deceptively simple and immediately engaging. Its three active titles—1010!, Merged!, and 1010! World)—are available for free download on the Apple, Google Play, Windows Phone, and Amazon stores. 1010! has attracted over 60 million downloads and 4 million daily active users (DAUs), reaching the App Store’s “Top Free Downloads” in over 55 countries and the #1 download in the US. Perfect for puzzleophiles and casual gamers of all types, Gram Games’ titles are intuitive and simple to learn while incorporating deeper strategic elements that keep players engaged. The games are distinguished by their appealing graphics, intuitive flow, and original and challenging plots.

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