Juha Mikkola

  • Current company Wyncode
  • Location Miami
  • Industry Education & Talent

Wyncode Academy is developing successful coders with business acumen through an immersive, demanding and inspiring learning environment. Faced with the high opportunity cost of attending a traditional institution to enter the profession, many interested prospects remain on the sidelines. Miami-based Wyncode Academy offers students a full stack curriculum designed to meet the needs of local hiring partners.

Johanna and Juha Mikkola, the wife and husband co-founders of Wyncode, were born and raised in Finland, arriving in Miami by way of Toronto. They both studied at the University of Toronto, Johanna with a joint degree in political science and economics, and Juha with a degree in business. Johanna worked for the National Hockey League, and Juha started his entrepreneurial career with his venture FloorballPro, an ecommerce distributor of Floorball equipment.

In 2013, Juha attended Bitmaker Labs, Canada’s most established coding school. He loved the school’s model, and wanted to transition the idea to a market that needed it. Him and Johanna moved to South Florida where they found a burgeoning tech hub with fast-growing businesses that needed developers. In 2014 they launched the Wyncode Academy’s website.

Wyncode Academy offers students a nine-week, full-stack web development boot camp, which is an inexpensive targeted alternative to full-time degree programs. It is the only Florida coding boot camp accredited by the Florida Department of Education.

Johanna and Juha built Wyncode Academy to embolden individuals with technical skills and help them stand out as leaders and revolutionaries in the tech world.

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