Juan Sebastian Correa

  • Current company Novoagro (formerly Agrofuturo)
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Agriculture

Juan Sebastián Correa, Ricardo Jaramillo, and Camilo Pérez, Colombian entrepreneurs and high-school friends, have catalyzed the growth of the agricultural sector in Colombia and made it more attractive to foreign investors. With the founding of their venture, Agrofuturo, in 2007, these men are enabling Colombia to compete with the other agricultural superpowers in Latin America. Due to local violence, the rich, arable, land in Colombia is often left uncultivated.

Agrofuturo’s three founders, Juan Sebastián, Ricardo, and Camilo, share a passion for agriculture. Growing up in Medellin, they witnessed their families’ businesses in the sector. They pursued degrees in Business Management at CEIPA, EEAFIT and Escuela de Ingenería, respectively. For years, they wanted to start a company to improve Colombia’s underdeveloped agricultural center, and in 2007 they launched the country’s first agricultural event, Expo Agrofuturo, bringing together landowners, investors, and stakeholders to promote land use and encourage investment. Further, Agrofuturo developed a world-class database in 2008, cataloging all available land for cultivation. They also launched Project Design, a service in which the team identifies and evaluates suitable land, and creates business plans that maximize each site’s potential.

AgroExpo has become a support service, but still is the most important industry event in Colombia. Agrofuturo’s reputation as the trusted local industry leader and vertically integrated end-to-end services provides investors and farmers with a more convenient and complete service than existing options in the market.

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