Juan Jose Villareal

  • Current company Grupo Filoa
  • Location Mexico

Grupo Filoa offers corporations and universities on-site food court and cafeteria catering solutions. The food court option includes ten diverse, proprietary brands, and all meals are designed by experienced restaurant chefs. Filoa has earned high satisfaction ratings from clients and their diners alike, providing highly personalized customer service and offering gourmet cafeteria food that people actually want to eat. Diners may choose from a wide variety of high-quality meals all designed by restaurant chefs, usually offered for no more than US$5. Juan José estimates that there are 5,500 corporate and university locations with the potential to generate US$2.9 billion in annual cafeteria sales.

Juan José started his company when he won the contract for his alma mater’s concession, successfully increasing the cafeteria’s sales by 90% and earning it the title of Mexico’s best university cafeteria according to the national newspaper Reforma. Since then, the company has secured Banco Santander and HSBC as clients and now serves over 15,000 meals daily. Filoa has been so successful at increasing employee cafeteria usage that Santander now contracts them for all of its Mexico City offices.

After merging with Prisma, a company that had been in the concessions business for 20 years, the company expects sales to double while costs decrease by 10-12%. In addition, the extensive distribution and food production infrastructure will enable Filoa to expand its geographic portfolio. To combat high employee turnover and a lack of skilled labor, Juan José plans to open a training academy to provide a steady stream of recruits.

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