Juan Jose Mesa

  • Current company GLÜKY GROUP
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Juan José and Andrés founded Glüky Group in 2007 to address the difficulties faced by companies in motivating employees. Glüky provides corporations with the technology, strategy, and operational capacity to design and implement incentives programs for employees, sales channel partners, and clients. Glüky’s motivation experts work with clients to understand their goals and KPIs and craft a customized incentive strategy. The company possesses the operational expertise and capacity to fulfill all orders from sourcing to quality assurance to final delivery. Juan José and Andrés’ extensive operations experience have allowed Glüky to achieve 30% margins in order fulfillment. This behind-the-scenes work is tied together by an end-user facing platform that allows clients to implement and self-manage incentive programs.

Glüky Group has plans to expand its sales offices in Peru, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. A key driver of this expansion is Glüky Group’s new cloud-based platform, the Glüky Network, which harnesses the power of social networking. The platform incorporates new features that allow co-workers to see each other’s activity and rewards in a news feed. The rebranded platform allows clients to recognize, reward, and effectively motivate their employees and partners.

Glüky currently has over 60,000 active users affiliated with multinational companies such as Sura, Renault-Sofasa and Petrobras. The company holds an estimated 25% of the Colombian incentives market. Its technology is on par with major US competitors and well ahead of most regional players.

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