Juan Dominguez

  • Current company Adglow (formely ADTZ)
  • Location Spain
  • Industry Marketing

With social network ad spending predicted to make up 16% of all digital advertising by 2017, more and more advertisers are beginning to target consumers on popular social media platforms. Adglow helps advertising agencies and brands achieve a 40% higher return on investment for their social media campaigns through its proprietary demand-side platform and campaign management tool, ADAM, and its in-house management services. ADAM concentrates its users’ campaigns from various social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) into one dashboard and lets them monitor the strength of each investment in real-time, prompting them to make adjustments when ads stray from preset objectives. The company has managed over 300,000 advertising campaigns since 2008, maintains offices in 13 countries around the world, and has handle campaigns for some of the largest advertisers in Spain and other countries.

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