Selected 2011

Juan Carlos de la Llera

  • Current company SIRVE
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Manufacturing

SIRVE designs, produces and implements devices that protect structures from damages caused by earthquakes. For years, engineer and entrepreneur Juan Carlos de la Llera tried to convince architects and builders that his “seismic protection devices were a necessity, not a luxury. Through sheer persistence, he secured contracts.

Juan Carlos’ dedication to seismic protection began in the shadow of an earthquake. They year he graduated as a civil engineer, the 1985 earthquake struck Santiago. After witnessing the aftermath, he was shaken to action. By 1994, he had finished his Masters and PhD in Civil Engineering from UC Berkeley, and a year later, he returned to Chile to be an engineering professor.

In 2010, Juan Carlos became the Dean of Engineering, but aspired to lead an industry. With support from his colleagues and students, he founded SIRVE in 2003. For its projects, SIRVE designs and implements seismic protection products that are based on two technologies: energy dissipation and seismic isolation.

SIRVE’s significant investment in R&D and its ability to both develop and implement superior technology at a lower cost separates it from its competition. SIRVE has changed the market by offering a full service including the design, production and implementation of seismic protection systems. In the long run, implemented products decrease clients’ future costs and insurance premiums.

Through his work, Juan Carlos has been a role model to an entire generation of engineers and entrepreneurs, showing how academic excellence can be rewarded in the business world to create a better, safer world.

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