Jovino Novoa

  • Current company Sano Seafoods
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Sano Seafoods is a secondary seafood processor that provides premium seafood products to the retail and foodservice sectors. It sells uniform fish fillets to the United States and Europe, bellies to Vietnam, collars and tails to Japan, and skin and bones to fish food producers, to give every client what they want, and waste no part of the fish in the process.

Pablo and Sergio Guzmán have degrees in Marine Biology and Agronomy respectively. Pablo worked for Marine Harvest, where he climbed the ranks from a Production Assistant in Chile to the US Director of Sales and Product Development. Meanwhile, Sergio came to master crop production and operations during his postgraduate studies in New Zealand. The brothers founded Sano Seafoods in 2004, and brought aboard their lifelong friend Jovino Novoa as CFO.
Over ten years the company grew to become a major operation. Their big break came when Pablo realized he could sell the leftover parts of the fish to other clients. This reduced Sano Seafoods’ waste and increased its revenue significantly.

Sano Seafoods offers seafood distributors, restaurant chains, and wholesalers premium cleaned and prepared seafood that reduced clients’ prep time and waste, and also helps ensure a quality end-consumer experience. The company’s dynamic product model enables it to develop strong relationships with clients around the world. Through its open production floor plan, Sano Seafoods can adapt to produce products to meet its loyal international clients’ specific needs.

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