Selected 2008

Jose Luis Correa Artasanchez

  • Current company Leonali
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Founded in 2003, Leonali offers ready-to-eat, pre-cut and washed vegetables that preserve their freshness and nutritional integrity 10-25% longer than the industry standard. After his country was named the most obese in the world, José Luis took up the task of innovating easy, healthy, and delicious vegetable options to combat the obesity epidemic in Mexico. Leonali sells kid-friendly healthy snacks such as carrots and dipping sauce, ready-made salads, loose-leaf lettuce, prepared vegetables for soup, and side dishes like ready-to-cook broccoli.

Leonali has secured Walmart and Costco as clients and achieved USDA-approved Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) certification, aimed at reducing crop contaminations and creating more sanitary, organized farms. Consumers can purchase these products nationwide at supermarkets, wholesalers, and in entrees at restaurants. The company practices superior quality control throughout the production and packaging processes. Each of its farmers are trained to comply with GAP and fair trade regulations, making sure the company supplies the highest-quality product available on the market.

Leonali is one of the first movers within Mexico’s emerging pre-cut vegetable market, which is only expected to grow as Mexican consumers’ awareness of healthy foods increases and more steps are taken to confront the country’s obesity epidemic.

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