Jorge Villalonga

  • Current company Inmunova
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Healthcare

Inmunova’s patented IMC platform creates recombinant vaccines by using proteins that mimic harmful bacteria or viruses but are not harmful themselves, allowing the company to create treatments with zero side effects.

Inmunova’s co-founders represent a unique balance of scientific excellence and business acumen. Linus Spatz, the CEO, studied Biology at the University of Buenos Aires. Fellow scientist and CAO Dan Kaplan completed a PhD in Biochemistry at UBA’s Institute for the Study of Genetic Engineering and Molecular Biology. They met CPO Jorge Villalonga at the Leloi Institute. Jorge provides business smarts, with degrees from Harvard Business School and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

In 2006, the three approached Fernando Goldbaum, a renowned protein engineer at the Leloir Institute, and the creator of the IMC platform. This platform is compatible with any protein, including larger ones. The four men understood the IMC’s pharmaceutical potential, parented the IMC platform and founded Inmunova as a spin-off of the Leloir Institute.

The IMC platform allows Inmunova to take a more strategic approach to drug developments, develop drugs more cheaply, and acquire patents more easily. Also, because Inmunova holds three international patents for the IMC platform, any product developed from the platform is automatically patent-eligible as well.

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