Selected 2011

Jorge Osorio

  • Current company Grupo Bailleres / GNP - Credito Afianzador y Valmex Soluciones Financieras
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Aranda Software monitors IT infrastructure and services, controls IT implementation, maintenance, and technical support, and enforces service agreements. Having created a highly profitable and cash positive company, founders Alberto Lederman and Jorge Andrés Osorio hope to build on Aranda’s well-established market positions in the Andean region and scale quickly. Aranda sells exclusively through resellers, and is able to incentivize sales of a network by including them on the more lucrative deals.

Alberto grew up in Uruguay before moving to Israel to pursue a bachelor’s degree at the University of Tel Aviv. After graduating, Alberto followed a number of career paths. Jorge is originally from Colombia and studied Systems Engineering at a Icesi University. After graduating, he pursued a master’s degree from the Universidad de los Andes.

On a business trip to Colombia in 2001, Alberto spotted a group of Colombia engineers building a software solution called Aranda Inventory, which automated computer inventory processes over a network. Seeing his opportunity to acquire a scalable product, he purchased the company and the rights, and hired Jorge as his Commercial Manager.

Developed in-house, Aranda’s software solutions cover four main product areas: Desktop Management, Service Management, IT Security Management, and IT Monitoring. The company’s software is flexible and can provide solutions for companies of all sizes – as a result, Aranda manages both very large, and very small contracts. Aranda’s software is regionally recognized and internationally certified. Aranda’s growth is well deserved: its software packages are easy to install, inexpensive, and require limited server space.

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