Selected 2013

Jorge Bouffier

  • Current company Sin Secretos
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Food & Beverage

In 2007, cousins Jorge and Manuel set out to bring natural smoothies to the increasingly health-conscious population of Mexico, currently one of the world’s most overweight countries. Through refining their production techniques, the duo were able to increase shelf life from a week to a month. Its products were the first to be placed in the refrigerated produce section of Mexican supermarkets, after the company outsourced bottling and warehousing to focus on fruit sourcing and juice production.

Sin Secretos produces 100% natural and preservative-free fruit juices and smoothies under brands Frutos de Vida (Fruits of Life), Frutos de Vida for Kids, and HOLA Smoothie. All of the products have up to three times more fruit than competing products, are high in fiber and vitamins, and free of sugar and artificial flavors. The juices are available on the shelves of over 700 points of sale, including major Mexican supermarkets and price clubs, and will soon achieve sales of 100,000 bottles per week.

The company emphasizes the positive nutritional benefits of its products for adults and children alike. It has recently opened direct sales channels in schools. The brand has found appeal among consumers who are willing to pay a premium due to the company’s transparency and social responsibility.

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