Jordi Torras

  • Current company Inbenta
  • Location Spain
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

When customers can’t find the answer to their questions or issues on a business’s website, they often call or email a customer support department. This leads to long wait times and frustration for not only customers, but also for fatigued agents who often face many repetitive questions. Inbenta helps businesses automate their customer support operations and improve self-service rates through a Natural Language Processing (NLP) software. Businesses can implement an Inbenta-powered search engine on their website, which allows users to input their questions and receive accurate answers. Rather than leveraging a simple keyword match, Inbenta’s AI-powered search engine understands the intent and meaning behind a user’s language, showing relevant results regardless of how a question is asked. A Forrester Consulting study found that Inbenta’s solution provides companies with a 390% ROI, by reducing the volume of incoming contact center calls and e-mails. With a solution that spans 25 languages and 10 industries, Inbenta is poised to become the leading player in NLP-powered customer support automation.

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