Jonathan Erwin

  • Current company Red e App
  • Location Louisville
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Enterprises today struggle to deliver directions and exchange information with their non-desk, hourly workers: from those that stock the shelves in supermarkets, to those that work underground in copper mines. Communication with these workers, none of whom have emails, hinges on antiquated methods such as phone trees and bulletin boards. This not only leads to lost and misconstrued messages, but also disengages the typical worker from the corporate hierarchy. Red e App is an employee communication application that allows companies to digitally connect with their staff. The disconnected workforce represents 1.5 billion employees globally (60% of total workforce), resulting in a US$54 billion opportunity. Red e App has secured the Army Air Force Exchange, GE, Rio Tinto, and Papa Johns as clients, tripling monthly recurring revenue (MRR) and users year over year.

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