Javier Lozano

  • Current company Clinicas del Azucar
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Healthcare

Diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Mexico, with 70,000 deaths attributable to the disease each year. Clínicas del Azúcar (Sugar Clinics) seeks to turn these alarming statistics around, offering specialized, affordable diabetes care to low to middle income patients who otherwise would go under- or untreated. Patients choose from three annual subscription packages offering different levels of treatment. Each has a fixed fee and can be paid in six monthly installments. The clinics fill the gap between low-quality public healthcare and private specialists.

Clínicas del Azúcar is able to offer efficient and affordable care through its proprietary software platform, Balance, and subscription pricing mechanism. The software platform optimizes costs and customizes treatment while package prices are determined through a proprietary algorithm that calculates the type of care best-suited for different profiles. Additionally, charging a fixed fee enables Clínicas del Azúcar to deploy resources efficiently, achieve economies of scale, and cater to patients across a wide income spectrum.

Centralizing treatment in a single location and visit reduces appointment times up to 80%. With its one-stop shop model, Clínicas has reduced patients’ annual costs by 75%, lowered their diabetes complication rates by 60%, and increased adherence to treatment by 1300%. Fernanda has been named an Outstanding Social Leader by Mexico’s government and Javier is an Echoing Green and Ashoka Fellow, in addition to being MIT Technology Review’s 2012 “Social Innovator of the Year” for Mexico.

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