Selected 2012

Javier Cardenas Ibarra

  • Current company Orcius
  • Location Mexico

Web development for small and medium enterprises in Latin America had been the sole domain of freelancers, until Orcius came along. This Mexican company led by Javier Cárdenas is a one-stop-shop for SME web services. Founded in 2008, Orcius uses a franchise model with a wide reach and has launched more websites than any of its competitors in Latin America. It has also partnered with Google and Facebook to improve its digital marketing offering, and with Microsoft R&D for early access to new design technology.

Raised in Puebla, Mexico, Javier is a born entrepreneur. While studying International Business at UPEAP in 2004 he became interested in Internet and web design. He left school and worked as a painter to pay for his web design classes. When a government small business program hired him to create websites for its SMEs, Javier realized there was an enormous market opportunity in front of him. He founded Orcius to provide the professionalism that freelancers lack. Two years later, he decided to invest to make the Orcius platform more scalable. In 2009 he implemented SAP software and hired PwC to improve internal processes.

Beyond basic web design, Orcius offers a full suite of Internet services, from hosting to social media marketing. Franchises who typically come to Orcius target local small businesses and sell Orcius’ product suite.

With its base of franchises, a strong brand reputation, and a growing list of corporate partnerships, Orcius is quickly becoming the leading SME web services provider in Latin America.

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