Jaime Ferrer

  • Current company AutoTraffic
  • Location Mexico
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

The only thing automatic about traffic is that it’s unavoidable at 5:00 PM, but Autotraffic is here to change that and much more. Every year in Mexico, traffic incidents cost $9.7 billion and claim over 17,000 lives, one third of which are pedestrians (WHO). Additionally, local governments lack an understanding of how to efficiently plan urban areas, leading to over-congested roads and neighborhoods affected by excess noise and general pollution. Autotraffic improves traffic safety and urban planning efforts by implementing photo enforcement cameras, noise and pollution sensors, and by utilizing its proprietary data collection and analytics software, Smart Mobility. The first mover and market leader in Mexico, Autotraffic has reduced transit fatalities by up to 62%, injuries by 92%, commute times by 33%, and pollution by 30%** on its controlled roads*.

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