Jacobus (Lieb) Liebenberg

  • Current company ITSI
  • Location South Africa
  • Industry Education & Talent

ITSI is an e-learning platform that connects publishers with schools to sell their textbooks digitally. Schools use this platform to not only deliver content to students in a centralized digital space, but also help teachers customize and integrate their teaching agenda into tech-based learning. With its digital content delivery system, ITSI removes fragmentation between learners, resources and teachers with its one-stop shop eLearning platform for schools to purchase textbooks and offer a fully digitized curriculum to students. What distinguishes ITSI is a pending patent which enables teachers to customize the textbooks to their learning plans. Instead of just utilizing digital textbooks, teachers can drag and drop any content, including files, videos, and documents, to any section of a textbook to seamlessly integrate their own lesson plans into the schoolbooks. ITSI currently delivers content to 74,000 students and 4,500 teachers across 180 schools.

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