Selected 2012

Ivan Oliveira

  • Current company Uatt?
  • Location Brazil

In Brazil the demand for creative and exciting gifts and accessories is experiencing a boom thanks to the rising disposable income of the country’s emerging middle class. Rafael Biasotto and Ivan de Oliveira help to fulfill this demand via their company, Uatt?, which offers the Brazilian market an affordable assortment of trendy products, such as creatively designed picture frames and pillows.

A native of Santa Catarina, Rafael graduated with a degree in business administration from the Federal University of Santa Catarina in 1999. After, he worked for a consulting firm where he focused on the gift industry. During this time he gained important knowledge about how to assemble a successful portfolio of products. Ivan, a college friend of Rafael’s, graduated from UFSC with a degree in production engineering, and served as a professor for SENAI.

Rafael became disillusioned working at Mensageiro 200, and quit to travel the world. He attended many gift fairs and gained a new perspective about the industry. He decided to found Uatt? In 2002, and when the company gained traction, asked Ivan to be his partner.

The assortment of items offered by Uatt? Has developed a diverse array of 1,200 unique products are all based on proprietary designs created by its in-house team and produced by a mixture of Chinese and Brazilian manufacturers. From employee training to customers’ in-store experience, every interaction with Uatt? is intended to “thrill, amaze, and entertain.”

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