Selected 2011

Ismael Akiyama

  • Current company Akiyama
  • Location Brazil

Ismael Akiyama founded Akiyama in 2005. Today, it is one of the fastest growing Brazilian biometrics companies.

Ismael possesses technical expertise and business acumen. He grew up in Paraná, Brazil. During his last year of high school, Ismael had a son, and after graduation he decided to join a friend’s small business, HENRY technology. Over eight years, Ismael was the right-hand-man to the CEO.

While managing HENRY’s relationship with international suppliers, Ismael recognized an opportunity to solve the problem Brazilian manufacturers had finding the parts they needed from Asian manufacturers. In 2005, Ismael started a company for distributing components for electronic products from Asian manufacturers in Brazil.

In 2007, he heard that the Department of Motor Vehicles in Paraná was having problems keeping track of driving school attendance; he developed a technology to collect students’ fingerprints at each of the driving schools and integrated them with the DMV database. To build on his DMV work, he launched a third business geared towards identifying market needs for biometrics.

Akiyama is skilled at identifying opportunities to combine various technologies into innovative solutions to meet market needs. The KitBio integrates biometrics and signature scanners from their Asian suppliers, their proprietary image capturing device, and software capable of automatically identifying non-compliances and directing users how to correct them.

The market potential for Akiyama’s solution Brazil is huge and Akiyama has proven its ability to develop innovative technologies to meet early-identified market needs.

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