Selected 2009

Imad Malhas

  • Current company IrisGuard
  • Location Jordan
  • Industry Fintech

Imad Malhas has a strong technical background in the field of information technology and has been considered a pioneer in software development in the Middle East over the past two-decades to date. He holds a BSc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee, USA (1984).

Mr. Malhas began his professional career in 1984 where he held IT managerial positions for several Jordanian establishments. At the age of 25, he became the Technical Advisor to the Director of Public Security in Jordan between (1988-1992) on the national security project known as Command and Control (C3I). He later founded IdealSoft and led a team of professionals to produce successful large-scale software solutions catering for Hospital Management and Health Insurance Administration throughout the region. He was one of the founders of National Health Insurance Administration Co. in 1999, the first company to use smart cards for health claims adjudication in the region.

Mr. Malhas founded IrisGuard Inc. ( in 2001 and remains its CEO to date. IrisGuard Inc. is considered a world-leader in the field of Iris Recognition Technology; under his leadership, IrisGuard is credited to successfully taking Iris recognition from the uncertainties of labs and theories to the realities of the world. With offices in the London, Geneva, Dubai, McLean, Singapore and Amman, IrisGuard Inc. has customers in North America, South America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Mr. Malhas pioneered the concept of employing Iris recognition to secure mass-transit national borders prior to September 11th 2001 in the UAE and recently on Jordan borders. More recently, he lead IrisGuard successful deployment of the world’s first iris implementation at banks and ATM machines where customers use their eyes only to draw money from their account (no card and no pin) with a total of six banks in the Middle East and over 100,000 bank customers using IrisGuard technology, this is a solution that has never been done before.

Mr. Malhas is the principle architect behind IrisGuard technology working as CTO with a team of scientists and professionals to develop the Iris Farm Architecture – IFA® and imagers suite that revolutionized the process of national Iris recognition solutions. His close collaboration with Professor John Daugman of Cambridge University – the inventor of Iris Recognition technology – and similarly distinguished world-renowned professors and scientists in the field of optical and pattern recognition resulted in the world’s most accurate and most scalable Iris architecture; designed to provide real-time response to iris searching and projects involving millions of records at national borders or thousands of ATM machines and Internet Home Banking users.

With his diligent involvement, IrisGuard Inc. manufactures quality Iris cameras out of its UK Laboratories that are well received throughout the world. The IG-H100® camera system has rapidly captured accurate iris images of more than 25 million people from 200 nationalities; it has been independently evaluated by the International Biometric Group – IBG (New York) and found to be the world’s most accurate and fastest Iris camera on the market today. The recent addition include the IG-AD100® dual-eye camera system that produces pristine images of both irises simultaneously and the world’s first 0.00% Equal Error Rate. More cameras are planned to suite the various user requirements around the world. New devices continue on being invented by IrisGuard under Mr. Malhas supervision and direct involvement including the EyeSign® home unit, the EyeTrust® desktop unit and the EyePay® iris payment terminal.

Mr. Malhas is married with three children and enjoys reading, music and spending quality time with his family and friends. He sits on the board of multiple companies in Jordan and actively mentors young startups on their way to success, Mr. Malhas is passionate Endeavor Entrepreneur since 2009.

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