Selected 2012

Ignacio Lopez

  • Current company Wormhole IT
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Education

For hundreds of millions of people in emerging markets, working or learning outside of their immediate area is simply impractical due to a lack of web conferencing solutions tailored to their market. Since 2008, Sally Buberman, Ignacio López, and Maximiliano Mensaches have focused their efforts on creating an affordable, high-quality solution allows people in these markets to work, learn, and communicate over the Internet with Wormhole IT.

The team at the helm of Wormhole IT has a passion for helping others and an interest in education. Sally is a language teacher with a background is in electromechanical engineering. Ignacio is a natural born software hacker, and loves to use technology as a tool to solve real-world problems. Maximiliano rounds out the group with his passion for sales.

Sally was inspired to start Wormhole IT in 2006 while working as an online teacher for American companies. The impact that her classes had on the students was clear, but she soon became frustrated that similar technology was not available to students in Argentina. Sally and her business partner created a business plan with the intention of solving this barrier to education.

Wormhole IT is able to successfully cater to multiple markets by offering four distinct products. These include webcasts, training and presentations, traditional face-to-face web conferencing, and learning management systems. Due to its innovative technology, which actively manages connectivity and optimizes latency on low-bandwidth networks, Wormhole IT can offer its clients high-quality features that are either unavailable or unaffordable throughout growth markets.

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