Ignacio Bascuñán

  • Current company Servi-All
  • Location Chile
  • Industry Infrastructure & Utilities

Mining is an around-the-clock industry that depends on a million moving pieces, and a single missing bolt for a power shovel can cost a mine up to $120,000 an hour. Gargantuan mine sites, which can be four Central Parks wide and two Eiffel Towers deep, coupled with endemic overstocking, theft and loss of supplies makes inventory management a nightmare. For a negotiated annual fee, Servi-All’s software integrates with each mine’s database to monitor supply, purchases, and maintenance cycles and the company outfits the mine with all of the necessary supplies. Servi-All’s proprietary predictive software combined with on-site inventory management services keeps mines optimally stocked at all times. Servi-All’s “hardware as a service” (HaaS) model provides an all-in-one logistical solution, producing savings in human resources, administrative overhead, and lost or stolen equipment per year.

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