Ibrahim Safadi

  • Current company Luminus Education
  • Location Jordan
  • Industry Education

Luminus Education is shedding light on unemployment in the Middle East. MENA is home to the highest unemployment rate in the world – yet universities still provide the same outdated curriculums leaving young adults unequipped to enter the workforce. Luminus Education fosters vocational, technical and soft skills amongst the Arab youth through its education centers in Jordan, Iraq, UAE and the UK. Luminus caters to job seekers that do not have the skills needed for the workforce.

Ibrahim Safadi grew up in Saudi Arabia, where he juggled schoolwork with a job at his family’s wood trading business. He moved to Jordan for university but cut his experience short – he had failed to understand the value a university degree would bring him. After attending a vocational school, he was inspired to change students’ lives, and convinced his family to buy out the vocational school.

In 2005 Ibrahim sold the premises of the college, and used the capital to build a new, high-tech facility and campus –leading to Luminus Education in 2007. Luminus Education offers high-quality vocational and technical training to individuals, corporations and governments through accredited programs. It offers four services: Language Solutions, Vocational and Technical Education, Skills Development, and Creative Media Education. Luminus co-creates class content with employers and hires professionals as teachers. It also creates customized training solutions for corporations and governments.

The youth unemployment rate in the MENA region is higher than anywhere else in the world, and Luminus Education offers a viable solution to a regionally vital issue.

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Jordan’s Luminus Education, founded by Ibrahim Safadi, was awarded a €5 million grant from the EU to increase work preparedness and

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