Hugo Cortes

  • Current company E-Global Technology
  • Location Colombia
  • Industry Mobility & Supply Chain

With increased urbanization, congestion in Latin American has spiked to alarming levels; an individual spends roughly 30 minutes a day circling the block or lining in queues. Meanwhile, companies dealing with large volumes of transactions suffer from high costs associated with inefficient cash handling. eglobalt eliminates this longstanding frustration of drivers and shoppers through its self-service machines for parking and payments, reducing waiting time by 72%. By replacing human cashiers with machines, it also helps companies monitor fraud and non-payment, reducing their costs by 60% on average. eglobalt has established itself as a frontrunner in Colombia with 75% of the shopping centers in Bogotá using its parking technologies, and leading mobile operators such as Millicon International and Telmex using its payment solutions.

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