Hossam Fahmy

  • Current company Mori Co.
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Despite Egypt’s positioning at the crossroads of civilizations, its culture lacks a cosmopolitan dining scene. Mori Co owns and operates four trend-setting restaurant concepts in Egypt that deliver food inspired by the world’s best cuisines.

Co-founders Sherif Gad, Tamer El-Leithy, and Hossam Fahmy are an ambitious trio of restaurateurs. Their inspiration came from the beaches of Sao Paolo. Hossam was amazed at how good the sushi was compared to equivalent restaurants in Egypt. He returned home and raved about the concept to Tamer, eventually convincing him to approach the owner of Mori in Brazil to see whether he would be agreeable to have a sister restaurant in Egypt. Mori Sushi’s success emboldened Hossam and Tamer to partner with Sherif, whom they knew from his involvement in the Egyptian F&B industry. The three developed the concept for Tamara Bistro, a traditional Lebanese restaurant.

Mori Co elevates the dining scene in Egypt by presenting diners with authentic flavors and trendy dining experiences inspired by other cultures. It is committed to maintaining the cultural integrity of the cuisine within each concept, and enlists the support of native chefs. Mori Co’s co-founders’ 40 years of combined expertise in the Egyptian F&B industry provides them with a nuanced understanding of the Egyptian diner, allowing them to set trends by launching new concepts curated to current consumer tastes.

Mori Co’s strong brand recognition and track record could propel the company to become one of Egypt’s benchmark F&B successes.

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