Hisham Haddara

  • Current company Si-Ware Systems
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Smart City

In 2004, Hisham Haddara founded Si-Ware Systems to deliver highly innovative products that add significant value to customers and to inspire other Egyptians. SI-Ware Systems designs the smallest and most cost-efficient spectrometer on the market. It is the first company to design semi-conductors in Egypt and export to international clients. Si-Ware’s components are built to be easily adaptable to various electronic devices.

As a PhD student in Microelectronics at the National Polytechnic Institute in Grenoble, France, Hisham noticed that the electronics industry was a gateway to prosperity for many nations. He wondered why it was not the case in Egypt. After being a celebrated professor, co-authoring two books, several patents, and more than 100 scientific publications, Hisham saw enormous potential in the local technical talent and developing economic sectors. In 2004, he decided to found SI-Ware System with two of his top students. In 2009, the company pivoted its focus and invested in an R&D team to develop its own products.

SI-Ware provides premium electronics hardware products that compete internationally in terms of performance, design, size, and price. It produces fabless semiconductors and has two main product lines: Application-specific Integrated Circuits Solutions and Optical Microelectromechanical Systems. In 2014, the company received PRISM’s Award for Photonics, a very prestigious distinction. The company’s software is cheaper, smaller, and more innovative than its competitors because of its highly proficient yet inexpensive labor and drive for innovation.

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