Héctor Sepúlveda

  • Current company Intangible
  • Location Mexico

Litebuilt’s founders Hector Sepulveda and Luis de Yturbe, have developed a LEGO-like technology that makes brick laying an outdated process. Traditional methods require brick masons, leave significant room for error in estimating costs, provide little insulation, and produce waste that cannot be recycled. Litebuilt aims to revolutionize the construction industry by providing solutions that are more efficient, more environmentally friendly, and more cost effective than traditional methods.

While new to construction, Hector and Luis are veterans when it comes to building businesses. Both grew up in Mexico City, though they did not meet until later on. In 2008, Hector learned about an Australian company producing interlocking blocks, much like life-size LEGOs, out of cellular concrete, which is known for being both lightweight and insulating. Convinced that this technology could be extremely successful in Mexico, he gathered capital and imported the equipment from Australia. He spent a year fine-tuning Liteblock. By 2011 Hector was looking for a partner and a mutual friend recommended Luis, who was ready to turn to entrepreneurship after his time in the corporate world.

By switching to Liteblock, construction companies have reduced input costs by up to 30% and achieved additional savings in terms of specialized labor. The product is also eleven times more efficient than hollow concrete blocks due to its insulating properties, and yields significantly less waste.

Hector and Luis have laid down a solid foundation for Litebuilt’s growth, and are excited about the many implementations for sustainable, cost-efficient construction methods in Mexico and beyond.

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