Selected 2012

Haldun Uraz

  • Current company Unnado
  • Location Turkey

With the Turkish ecommerce market exploding just as quickly as the country’s population, Göktuğ Oğuz and Haldun Uraz knew there was an opportunity to capitalize on both trends. They decided to dedicate themselves to providing a convenient, competitively priced, and in-season online shopping experience to families with young children. This in 2010, Unnadó was born. The website is a members-only flash sale site that allows visitors to take advantage of savings on campaigns that change daily.

Göktug graduated from Hacettepe University in 1990, and joined Yellow Pages after working at Microsoft and Sony. There, he met his future partner, Haldun, a systems engineer. Haldun earned a bachelor’s degree and MBA from Beykent University.

As they worked together at Yellow Pages, the two had time to think about what a business of their own would look like. They used their network from their previous venture to connect with an entrepreneur who ran a forum for mothers that became the source of Unnadó’s first customers.

Since its launch, Unnadó has maintained its central concept: to offer flash-sales that make in-season, high-quality children’s good available at affordable prices. The site features eight to ten different brand collections daily with discounts. The company targets new and growing families with children. Further, Unnadó has stood out with its dedication to customer service.

Göktug and Haldun have proven they have an eye for opportunity and the skill to execute based on Unnadó’s success so far.

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