Selected 2012

Gustavo H. Travassos

  • Current company MXT
  • Location Brazil

Thanks to MXT Holdings, police in Sao Paulo can track a theft with the touch of a stream. Founded by Gustavo Travassos in 2001, MXT Holdings is the market leader for the tracking and industrial tablet industries in Brazil. Its products are divided into two business units: Maxtrack, which focuses on the tracking market, and MXT, which focuses on the development and production of customized, industrial technologies for public safety and logistics clients.

Gustavo was born in Juiz de Fora, where he studied law, administration, and psychology. He then moved to Belo Horizonte to work for an import company in 1995. While he was there he saw an opportunity for advertisers to use the sides of buses as canvases for their content. He partnered with a friend well versed in technology, and together they worked for a year until a Taiwanese investor gave them enough capital to complete their business model.

Maxtrack officially debuted in 2011. Gustavo identified an opportunity to develop GPS trackers inside buses’ panels. Later that year, once Gustavo bought out his partner, the company saw amazing growth: he created the MTX unit and consolidated operations. Today, the main value proposition of MXT Holdings is agile development and customization of complete technological solutions that outperform other market players’ rudimentary products. Further, the company has developed a major competitive advantage: its proprietary technology expertise.

The entrepreneur’s resilient story and track record of executing his vision and building an organization make Gustavo the perfect example of an Endeavor Entrepreneur.

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