Selected 2012

Guillermo Farias

  • Current company Veramiko
  • Location Mexico

Veramiko, founded in 2006 by Vidal Cantú Garza and Guillermo Farías Martinez, has developed, a platform that provides companies with an integrated intranet solution that fosters organic workplace collaboration. has all of the features of social networks, such as profiles, ‘walls”, and news feeds, plus specialized business applications including project management tools, file sharing, wikis, and groups.

Vidal has been part of the region’s technology vanguard since earning degree from UANL in 1998; he helped bring Internet and email to Mexico by founding Diel de Mexico in 1990. Guillermo has a similar track record as part of the next generation of Monterrey’s tech scene. He holds a degree from Tec de Monterrey and has founded four internet businesses since 2002. Vidal met Guillermo in 2005 through a mutual friend who enlisted him to do web development for what would become, a social network of nonprofits.

With their IT experience, they saw an opportunity to remove an information gap by integrating social networking with business tools and decided to start Veramiko in 2006. The traction allowed them to hire a programmer and set up an office. By late 2007, the entrepreneurs went to work for Veramiko full time.

Veramiko’s sole product is the SaaS platform. By combining social and productivity tools, InTeam allows teams to collaborate through an intuitive user interface. It provides the most complete and economical option in the cloud-based business collaboration field.

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