Grace Judio-Kahl

  • Current company Lighthouse Indonesia
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Healthcare

Building on her background in behavioral science and weight management, Grace founded Shape Up Indonesia in 2009 to address the growing percentage of Indonesia’s population suffering from obesity. Shape Up’s boutique “LightHouse” clinics offer patients a comprehensive selection of drug regimens, quick fat-reduction treatments, group therapy programs, sessions with personal trainers, and healthy meal plans. By expanding to clinics outside of Jakarta, and by growing its treatment offerings to include stay-in facilities, Shape Up Indonesia has grown its customer base and reach outside of Greater Jakarta.

As the first medically-supervised health care service focusing on obesity and weight loss in Indonesia, Shape Up has helped over 13,000 men and women through treatments combining medical, psychological, and cosmetic therapies. Shape Up patients lose 3.5 times more weight than the average patient trying to lose weight. The clinics see ~116 patients daily, 79% of whom return for additional treatments. Shape Up has also developed a downloadable mobile app to enable patients who live far from a LightHouse clinic to continue their treatments remotely.

In addition to her weekly radio show, Grace contributes regularly to journals, newspapers, and magazines. She has published three books on weight management and health and appears on television frequently as a weight loss expert. With over 80% of patients learning of Shape Up Indonesia through word of mouth, Grace’s media visibility will help make Shape Up Indonesia a household name.

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Grace Judio-Kahl, founder of LightHOUSE Indonesia, was named an EY Entrepreneurial Winning Woman (EWW) of the Year in recognition

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