Gonzalo Abascal

  • Current company Linko
  • Location Mexico

Linko is an IT consultancy and software developer that improves customer experiences at financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies. It customizes an array of TIBCO and Pitney Bowes software that allows financial institutions to analyze customer transactions, communicate with customers effectively, and manage their customer service efficiently. Linko also develops its own software, ranging from white-label apps for banks to software platforms, to further enhance the customer experience. It is the first IT firm in Mexico to focus solely on improving the end-user experience for customers of financial institutions.

Linko’s technology allows it to process over 100 million transactions per month. Linko has secured some of Mexico’s largest banks as clients, including Scotiabank, Banco Azteca, and Banco Walmart. Scotiabank chose Linko over IBM to create a new generation of digitally signed bank statements. The company’s industry know-how complements its dedication to its clients, resulting in satisfaction rates that exceed 90%. Its understanding of customers’ needs and preferences has allowed the company to create more effective and targeted promotions.

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