Gibran Huzaifah

  • Current company eFishery
  • Location Indonesia
  • Industry Agriculture

Despite being the fourth largest seafood producing country with over 1.6 million aquaculture businesses, Indonesia’s aquaculture sector is entrenched with inefficiencies. Due to unaccountability, unpredictability and lack of innovation, farmers spend over 70% of resources on feeding alone. Cybreed’s first product, eFishery, is a ‘smart’ fish feeder that relies on the sensory movement of water to detect the fish’s appetite; and releases food as necessary. Additionally, its dashboard enables farmers to track the progress real-time and control the system remotely on their smart phones. Since its conceptualization in 2014, over 310 farms are equipped with the eFishery system. With one patent filed and two pending, Cybreed hopes to create a data-driven food and agriculture sector in Indonesia by providing over 80% of the country’s farms access to its ‘smart’ technologies.

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Endeavor Entrepreneurs Vivy Yusof of Malaysia’s Fashion Valet (FV) and Gibran Huzaifah of Indonesia’s eFishery were recognized on


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