Gianna Tzika

  • Current company Konva
  • Location Greece
  • Industry Food & Beverage

Greece is famous for the Aegean Sea. These waters not only attract millions of tourists every year, they are also the origins of some of the world’s finest fish. Remarkably, KONVA absorbs 40% of the Greek fishing industry’s annual catch of sardines and anchovies. Due to the temperatures and unique flora of the Aegean Sea, the Greek sardines and anchovies offered by TRATA are of exceptional taste and nutritional value. KONVA SA has successfully established its brands, TRATA and FLOKOS, in the Greek market. Having the richest line of fish products in the market, ranging from sardines, anchovies and tuna, to squid, herring, octopus and more, gives the company another unique advantage. Furthermore, since the early 1980s, KONVA has been producing a full range of tuna products, from tuna in water and olive oil, to tuna salads, both Mediterranean and Mexican. Its newest offering is its Smoked Tuna TRATA, which is the only tuna product smoked in a real wood-fired oven, using natural beechwood in a specialized, one-of-a-kind production unit.

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