Selected 2011

Germán Dyzenchauz

  • Current company GOintegro
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

In 2002, German Dyzenchauz and Gaston Lejtman founded Integro, which creates loyalty programs to help companies improve the engagement, motivation and performance of their employees, sales channel partners, and customers.

Childhood friends, German and Gaston followed very different career paths before becoming partners. German graduated from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in Architecture, after which he joined his family’s construction company. Gaston also graduated from the University of Buenos Aires, and went on to receive an MBA from UCEMA. Afterwards, he joined Citibank. By 2000, the two entrepreneurs were ready to embark on their next journey. They founded an internet site, which was successful until the dot-com bubble burst, and they were forced to sell.

In 2002, in the middle of Argentina’s economic crisis when trust was running low, the entrepreneurs saw an opportunity to repair the damaged relationship between corporate stakeholders. They started Integro, and signed their first client within a month. They realized their services were scalable and could be easily implemented for other clients.

To scale, Integro has developed a wide variety of modules that package discounts, rewards and content, built a technology platform that can be easily customized, and expanded its back-end network of retailers. The four models include: Internal Communication, Corporate Benefit Programs, Recognition and Reward Programs, and Incentive Programs.

With a solid client base, German and Gaston will consolidate Integro’s regional presence and improve its value proposition by adding new products.

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