Selected 2017

Gaston Parisier

  • Current company BigBox
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Consumer Services

Big things may come in small packages, but great gifts come in Bigboxes. Bigbox alleviates the pressure from gift givers to find the “perfect” gift by curating unique portfolios from over 2,500 experiences. Say your significant other really enjoys spas, but you don’t know the first thing about them. If you purchase a “Wellness” Bigbox for them, they can then choose from a portfolio of relaxing experiences such as a spa getaway, an in-home massage, or a personalized facial. Bigbox offers six carefully crafted portfolios: Gourmet, Wellness, Adventure, Stay, Mix, and Custom. Each bucket contains top-notch excursions such as skydiving in Lobos or dining at “The Best Restaurant in Argentina.”

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