Selected 2013

Gamal Sadek

  • Current company Bey2ollak
  • Location Egypt
  • Industry Smart City

Bey2ollak aims to help individuals in congested cities like Cairo avoid traffic, ultimately improving people’s quality of life by saving them time and money. As a simple, user-generated traffic tracking system, Bey2ollak’s cross-platform mobile application helps users find the fastest and safest routes. In Cairo, where traffic costs the Egyptian economy $8 billion annually in lost productivity, delays, and excess fuel consumption, Mohamed and Gamal identified an unmet need. On the day of its launch in 2010, Bey2ollak acquired over 5,000 users. Now, with over 450,000 registered smartphone users and over 600,000 unique users of its feature phone service, Bey2ollak is in line with the international benchmark, Israeli-based Waze.

The user-generated traffic system allows commuters to report road conditions and view others’ reports in real-time. More recent updates incorporate social features like push notifications, image reporting, and personal profile capabilities aimed at creating a positive user experience. Of the 20% of active users who contribute traffic information, each reports an average of 4.8 times each month. Further demonstrating their knowledge of their target market, Mohamed and Gamal introduced an unstructured supplementary service data (USSD) service for feature phone users in addition to the smartphone app.

Bey2ollak has been branded successfully as a local, social, and accurate service. Its strong reputation among Egyptians has enabled it to maintain a competitive edge over potential new market entrants. Mohamed and Gamal have received popular and critical acclaim which has led to 85% of new users joining the service through word-of-mouth or social media and media mentions by Mashable, CNN, The New York Times, The Next Web, and Arabnet.

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