Selected 2002

Gabriel Colla

  • Current company Infocorp
  • Location Uruguay
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Gabriel founded Infocorp at age 22 as a software training company. By gradually expanding the company’s products and services offering towards support services and software development, Infocorp has become one of the leading IT companies in Uruguay. As a distinguished Microsoft partner, Infocorp has sustained year-over-year growth based on their cutting-edge, Internet-based software products targeting the financial and telecommunications services industry.

InfoCorp has grown considerably since selection, expanded to new markets across Latin America, and positioned itself at the top of its field. Since selection by Endeavor, the number of jobs has grown by 287%.

In 2009, Colla collaborated with his brother and Endeavor Entrepreneur Federico Cella to found Lynkos, a technology company that focuses on product development and sales. Their technology allows insurance companies, retirement funds, and companies with investment funds to develop alternate sales channels and improve profits in existing areas. It also improves efficiency by facilitating electronic processing. They are the first company of this kind to begin operations in Uruguay and Argentina. Their platform supports the products of 300 organizations, inlcuding Skandia, Allianz, Old Mutual, American Fidelity, BUPA and Swiss Life and dovetails with the services offered by AIVA.

Gabriel was named “Entrepreneur of the Year” by Endeavor Uruguay in 2006, and was featured on CNN en Español thanks to Endeavor Uruguay’s media network.

Gabriel has benefited from several rounds of the eMBA program, which assisted with the operations and organization of the company, identified new markets, and performed a valuation. He also participated in the Ernst & Young Fellows program, Entrepreneur Summits, and an Immersion Tour. Through Endeavor, Gabriel also gained introductions to key players in the software industry.

Gabriel remains actively involved in the Endeavor network, both locally and globally. He has participated as a panelist and speaker, and in 2007, he joined the Board of Endeavor Uruguay.

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