Gabriel Baños

  • Current company Flowics
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

For brands and media companies, it’s about attracting, connecting with, and retaining an audience in the ever-changing landscape of social media and digital communications. Buenos Aires-based Flowics helps these firms discover, curate, display, and analyze online content about their brands, leveraging the power of social media to connect with consumers and clients. Operating a SaaS business model in a US$21.3billionsocial media analytics market, Flowics offers a comprehensive package of tools that is unprecedented in Latin America and equipped for a global clientele. To date, Flowics is the only Twitter Official Partner and Facebook Media Solutions Program member in Latin America and boasts large contracts with key players.

Flowics’ founders Gabriel Baños, Fernando Zunino, Andrés Moratti, Mariano Cortesi, and Juan Codagnone studied systems engineering together at the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires. While working at various software companies after graduation, the friends continued to meet once a week in Mariano’s basement to build coded products. In February 2007, they decided to start their own company, Zauber, which specialized in developing enterprise software solutions and Internet projects. Securing high-profile clients, the company became profitable after only six months. Despite Zauber’s success, the team was eager to grow and build its own commercial products. To this end, Zauber ramped up internal product development and reorganized the team members into more defined roles based on their strengths: Gabriel as CEO, Fernando as CTO, Andrés as COO, and Mariano and Juan as leads for the Front and Back-end Engineering Teams. In 2012, Zauber secured VC funding to build out its product development department. One of Zauber’s developments addressed a largely unmet need at the time in Latin America by looking to connect brands to their audiences more intelligently using social media content analysis.

Flowics’ proprietary software provides clients with the tools they need to build social engagement with their audience and analyze the social buzz of their brand. Unlike other solutions who engage with audiences within social networks, Flowics operates both online and embedded in media outlets themselves. Flowics’ competitive edge lies in its engineering expertise, localized approach, and pricing model. In addition to being able to offer lower prices than US competitors, Flowics adds additional value to its clients through localized sales and service locations and integration into online and offline media sources. With international office in India and Spain, Flowics is undertaking a “counter-clockwise” expansion strategy–targeting second-tier markets where the company has an early-mover advantage.

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