Selected 2012

Franco Silvetti

  • Current company
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Consumer Services

Restorando is ready to be the leading online restaurant reservation service in Latin America. The concept combines the proven OpenTable concept and superior cloud-based technology, providing restaurants with an efficient reservation platform and customers with a better reservation experience.

Since meeting at college, Frank Martin and Franco Silvetti knew they wanted to be entrepreneurs. While studying as industrial engineers at Argentina’s Universidad Austral — where they earned bachelor’s degrees with honors – they thought of many potential businesses. After graduation they worked under several entrepreneurs they admired, such as Endeavor’s Andy Freire and Santiago Bilinkis. In 2011, they realized it was time to start their own project.

Restorando provides diners with an easy-to-use interface to make online restaurant reservations and gives restaurants a web-based, back-end platform that facilitates reservation management and generates additional customer traffic. Diners can also browses through restaurant profiles based on price, location, and more. Restorando is completely cloud-based, which minimizes setup and training costs.

Online restaurant reservations are a new niche in Latin American and Restorando is poised as a first-mover in the market. As more users adopt the service, more restaurants will do so as well.

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