Francesco Fama

  • Current company Casavo
  • Location Italy
  • Industry Cleantech & Infrastructure

Casavo is a PropTech startup operating in the real estate sector that developed an innovative and unique business model: a technological platform (Instant Buyer) that submits direct offers to buy homes, and, after renovation, finds the final buyers. Founded in Milan in 2017 by Giorgio Tinacci, Casavo has the mission to change the way people sell, live and buy homes in Europe. The company has handled more than 1100 real estate transactions to date for a total value in excess of €300 million. With a team of 200 people, Casavo is currently operating in Milan, Rome, Turin, Florence, Bologna, Verona, and Madrid. To date, Casavo has raised €385M in capital between equity and debt, becoming one of the most funded startups in the history of Italy. With its core being the Instant Buyer service, Casavo is further expanding its marketplace product offer to cover all the needs of sellers, buyers and brokers

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