Florian Hagenbuch

  • Current company Printi
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Enterprise Software & Services

Florian Hagenbuch and Mate Pencz are almost the same person. Both were born in Europe, studied business in the United States, and worked at London-based private equity firms. The two met at a summer internship at Goldman Sachs where they bonded over an interest in emerging markets. After moving to London, they spent their free time discussing starting a venture in an emerging market.

They looked into the Brazilian printing market, and noticed an antiquated, low-tech vertical. Individuals and small companies had to choose between low-quality corner stores and autonomous brokers offering arbitrary, high prices.

In 2012 they moved to Brazil and founded Printi with help from professional networks and angel and venture investors. Printi developed as a partnership in other to use the facilities and machinery of a leading local industrial printer. Within several months, Printi launched a site, hired a team, and sold its first product.

Printi provides high-quality, affordable, transparently priced printed material through a convenient e-commerce site. The site offers over 20 product categories, of which prices vary depending on volume, paper quality, product size, and type of finish. In order to help franchise child consistent branding and stand marketing costs, Printi created the “Printi Cloud”, a digital repository for branded marketing material. Printi has become the first company in Brazil to deliver high-quality and low-prices to consumers with low volume needs.

Florian and Mate represent a unique entrepreneurial story in Brazil. They are both vocal advocates for entrepreneurships, and actively mentor local start-ups.

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