Fernando Moya

  • Current company Ozono Producciones
  • Location Argentina
  • Industry Media

Ozono Producciones has produced and promoted stage productions and live events since 2002, showcasing Argentine talent both at home and in top locations worldwide. It finds creative talent, produces shows, and coordinates regional and international tours for both proprietary and licensed content. As co-owner of the Fuerza Bruta theater company, Ozono plays an integral role in the international staging of the global blockbuster Fuerza Bruta. A dynamic spectacle, Fuerza Bruta has staged over 5,000 times for 1.8 million spectators in over 50 cities worldwide including London, Beijing, and Seoul with permanent sets in Buenos Aires and New York.

Ozono is also responsible for the live show adaptations of Disney’s top children’s TV series Violetta, Topa, and Art Attack. As for Fuerza Bruta, Ozono creates dynamic sets and finds and trains top Argentine talent, and ensures massive reach for each Disney production. Ozono-produced Disney shows have captivated more than 800,000 audience members in over 55 cities across Latin America.

The entrepreneurs recruit and train local performers for each production, cultivating the next generation of artists and showcasing Argentine talent worldwide. With a combined 50 years of industry experience, Fernando and Pablo have established relationships and connections in the global entertainment industry. The entrepreneurs plan to take Fuerza Bruta’s international tour to even more locations, establishing new permanent sets in Las Vegas and Macau, and creating new versions of the flagship show.

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