Fernando Magero

  • Current company Confiance Medical
  • Location Brazil
  • Industry Healthcare

Through its video surgery equipment, Confiance helps doctors perform minimally invasive surgeries that leave smaller scars and have quicker recoveries than traditional open surgeries. While video surgery is a relatively standard practice in US hospitals, only premier hospitals in Brazil can afford the equipment. Confiance manufactures and sells the best cost-benefit solution to video surgery equipment in Brazil. For patients, it allows for minimally invasive surgeries and significantly reduces post-operative pain and recovery time. For hopsitals, the technology reduces spending per patient and increases bed turnover.

Confiance is the first local manufacturer to target second-tier private hospitals that cannot afford high-end international products. It is also the first and only Brazilian company to have obtained all licenses and permits for government bids for public sales. Awarded High-Impact Company of the Year by Brazilian’s leading SMB magazine in 2013, Confiance dreams of closing the gap between the elite and second-tier hospitals by making video surgery accessible to a broader population.

Through its proximity to clients, Confiance offers more hands-on post-sales assistance than foreign competitors. Its R&D incorporate feedback from surgeons. Based on this feedback, the entrepreneurs plan to expand into additional surgical specialties, introduce product upgrades, and begin to sell internationally.

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